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If you're asking this question, I want to teach you the proven, secret strategies that'll help you FINALLY decide.

I've worked with thousands of professionals around the world to help them make career decisions that are right for them. If you've been struggling to decide whether you should stay or go, I'd like to help you, too.
My online course, "Should I Stay or Go? How to Make the Best Career Decision for You," starts Monday, February 29.
If you've been struggling with this decision, join me now. 


You’re a successful, experienced professional, but lately you don’t feel like a success . . .
You’re feeling tired, negative, and overwhelmed by work—and you know that’s not the real you. . . .
You keep thinking—hoping—something will get better with the next change, the next reorg, the next management shuffle. But it doesn’t. . . .
You’re frustrated at yourself for being stuck, and you’re ready to invest some time and energy to move forward, have a plan, and make some decisions.

Why this course is different
I developed this course because I saw too many classes, books, and coaches "advising" you about the "right" path to pick. They're trying hard to convince you that if you're not happy where you are, you should learn their way: "Start your own business!" "Leave corporate America!" Or "Get the next promotion!" "Move up the ladder!"

But that's not how real career decisions work.

For most smart, professional folks like you, you have options. (Even if you don't think you do, I'll show you how you have more than you ever realized.)

And narrowing yourself into a single option without a sane, structured, and personalized process to help you make your next big career decision is just crazypants.

Your decision will be different than the ones your friends, colleagues or neighbors make. By going through this process, you'll not only be at peace with whatever you decide, but you'll have a clear plan for what to do next to keep you moving forward.

How I Teach

Most of the time, I teach these tools in one-on-one private coaching. I've also taught this material in live classroom settings. But not everyone can afford private coaching, or the time to sit in a classroom.

So in order to be able to get this info out to more people around the world, I teach this course online through video, audio, and downloadable tools. We'll send you one learning module a week for six weeks, plus a bonus module and other surprises along the way. Each module contains lessons that are fast, fun, and effective.

But I'm following your progress live along the way. I'm answering your questions via email and adding content based on what you tell me you need. To make sure I have time to keep up with you, enrollment is limited to just 30 people. (I'm honored to have several thousands of people who follow my work, and so if you'd like to be part of our class, I'll urge you to sign up now.)

In addition, each week, I invite you to my office hours. It's an opportunity to call-in confidentially and get immediate answers to your questions on the phone.

Worried that you don't have time? We know how that is. While I hope you jump in immediately, I live in the real world, too, and know you can't always make time each week to do this work. So I've arranged for you to have access to ALL the course tools for a full six months.

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What People Are Saying

“I’m SO glad you introduced me to the concept of ‘designing my path within my current company.’ I was on the brink of burnout, but opted for a “reset” instead of leaving my company. I now have a new leadership role that I’m totally enjoying. Thank you for your part in getting me here!”

"Tomorrow is my last day with [my company]. I decided to approach the client for whom I have been working onsite for the past several weeks now. They were thrilled to learn of my interest and even upgraded the position to accommodate my knowledge and experience!! I am so happy about my new adventure and my opportunity to "leave my mark" on this world!  Your counsel and class helped me sort through everything and come to the best decision for me."

"I wanted to let you know about two parts of your Stay or Go class that really stood out to me. The first was the advice to determine what you really want. It sounds so simple, but it's pretty critical! Also, the notion that sometimes staying in a job fills a need, like maybe you need the flexibility of your current job or there's some other reason that staying makes more sense than leaving. I recently turned down a pretty sweet job offer because it didn't meet my criteria for what it would take for me to leave my current gig, and I was able to feel good about my decision because I had a framework for making it. So THANK YOU!!"

BONUS MODULE: The Courage to Make Your Career Decision

If you want to be brave in your career --but don't want to be stupid-- this bonus module is for you.

You'll learn how to evaluate the risks and benefits of making major career changes, including:
>>Status and reputation
>>Freedom and flexibility
>>Family and other personal commitments and expectations

Plus, weekly office hours with Coach Darcy

In addition to all the course materials available online, you'll have the opportunity to ask Coach Darcy questions during live office hours calls each week. Plus, you can submit questions anytime online and get personalized email responses directly back in your inbox.